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Low International PNG Long Distance Rates (PowerNet Global)
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Long distance from PowerNet Global, calling cards from Nobelcom, dial around from Tel3. Depending on your current rates you may realize savings 20%-80%.

Dial  Around

DialAround may give you better interstate  and international rates without a need to switch your long distance company. One of the best dial around deals when calling Asia you can find at Tel3 web site. Prepaid dialaround calls feature very low rates.

Calling Cards

Pre-paid international calling cards usually save money on international calls. Calling cards (known always as phonecards) have many loyal followers as they offer low rates from any phone, either home, office or dorm.

Top Seller - Tel3 - up to 473 free minutes to new customers

Long Distance

Among direct dial long distance companies PNG  (PowerNet Global) stand up in terms of low rates and high quality. The fiber quality is as good as MCI, AT&T or Sprint at much lower cost.

Tel3 (lowest rates)
PowerDial (quality)
PowerNet Global (quality)


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